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Clinical Somatic Sessions

When we work somatic movements in a group class we are using the movements to Self Pandiculate.  Pandiculation allows the Sensory Motor part of the brain to re-establish its voluntary control over certain muscle groups. However sometimes we cannot completely release tightness in our muscles through a Somatic Movement class.  We need some further assistance and this is when a clinical session can be beneficial. 

In a Clinical Session we are working Assisted Pandiculations where the practitioner and client work together to allow voluntary control of muscle groups to be established. Clinical Somatics is a movement based education. The client is learning to take back control of habitually contracted muscle groups. Using slow, gentle and comfortable movement the client is asked to observe the level of fluidity of their movement.  Is their movement fluid or is it jerky, jumpy, shaky?  If your movement feels as though you are going over speed bumps and is not fluid this is a result of Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Working from the centre out we use Assisted Pandiculation to release muscles from chronic tension and develop a smoothness and ease to our movement. 

Somatics works with an individual to treat the symptoms of Sensory Motor Amnesia.  This is a condition in which muscles have become chronically contracted and are not able to relax because the brain has surrendered control of that muscle group to the subconscious mind. Not only have we forgotten how to release these muscles but often we are not even aware the contraction exists, hence Amnesia. Sensory Motor Amnesia develops when we respond to events that happen in our lives with one or more of the three reflexes.  If the response continues we create a habit, a pattern and the brain and the nervous system begin to think that this is normal and hence the contraction is never released and over time this leads to limited range of movement and pain.

Somatics targets the source of this chronic muscular pain – the brain, more specifically the sensory motor nervous system. Somatics is about learning your patterns and using pandiculation to keep our movement fluid and pain free.

When pain causes us to seek help we can often be told that the problem may be structural, require surgery, we may be advised to use pain medication, steroids etc.  But often the problem is functional, it’s about the way the individual is using or not using muscle groups. By working with pandiculation this can allow the individual to move themselves out of pain.

Pandiculation is a specific way of moving.  By voluntarily engaging the contracted muscle, releasing it as slowly as is possible and then letting it relax completely so we can observe this new sensation. Pandiculation requires the full attention of the conscious mind (the cortex) – the brain has to relearn to voluntarily control muscles that have become habitually contracted – Only the individual can do this by being engaged in the process.  Somatics is an active and NOT passive process.
Clinical Somatics can help everyone attain a new freedom in their bodies and allow them to function at their best.  Not only do you learn somatic exercises to retrain your brain but you develop a greater awareness of the effects of stress on your body and your habitual responses to that stress – your patterns.


  • Long term relief from pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions
  • A range of movements that can teach you how to regain control of muscles affected by SMA
  • Increased flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Increased awareness of your stress triggers and patterns
  • An effective and non-invasive alternate to drugs and surgery


Move yourself out of pain, release long term inner tension, create a sense of freedom and be more content and at ease within your own soma.