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My poetry is a mix of serious, sad and funny.  Inspired by what happens to me in life. Here is one that anyone with hungry teenage sons can relate to.


I made myself a Victoria Sandwich with flour, butter, sugar and eggs.

The sponge was light and fluffy and the jam inbetween intense

I sprinkled icing sugar on the top to finish off my treat

Then came along my teenage sons and I'm left with just cake crumbs at my feet.

                                             ©2014 Jan Cumming

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The winter sun sits at its lowest in the sky

As the solstice approaches to mark the depth of wintertime

The darkness provides the parenthesis of the day

Does it make you feel starved of sunlight?

During this period of darkened days

know our home star still shines bright

Providing energy captured by the world below

Our source of life constant

Whilst the earth is quiet at this time of renewal

In preparation for seasons to come

Take a walk in the milky sunlight

And feel the warmth of winter reach within

Don't feel bereft of what other times provide

Enjoy the skeleton trees and the frost when it arrives

Feel that sense of warmth deep within your being

And let your smile be the light that pierces the dark.

                                                                       ©2017Jan Cumming

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words ."

Robert Frost

I have been writing poetry since 2009 as a hobby inspired into creativity by my

yoga teacher, Sheila Baker. I was never particularly good at English at school so at

first it was a surprise to find that people enjoyed my poems.  I have recently taken

my poems out to a wider audience and have been thrilled at the positive feedback.

Exciting News - A Vinyasa of Poetry - is now published and

available from myself or Amazon.co.uk - Hardcover or Paperback. 

I am available for Poetry Readings.

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