Do you suffer from any of the following?  If so Somatic Education can help:

Joint and muscle pain

Tightness in neck and/or shoulders

Back pain


Hip, knee and foot problems

Repetitive use injuries




Accident traumas and whiplash

Breathing problems

Frozen shoulder syndrome


I teach Somatic Movement classes in 


Next Set of Classes:

Next six week course starts on Monday 2nd March 2020 

Monday Evening 5:30 -6:30

Thomas Cranmer Centre, ASLOCKTON

I also offer

1:1 movement tuition and

clinical sessions

Please contact me to register for classes or further details regarding 1:1 session. 

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

Marianne Williamson

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How Can Clinical Somatic Education help me ?

Clinical Somatics (Hanna Somatic) Education, can teach you to understand what causes Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)

Somatics can teach you how to recognise the Three Reflexes, universal to all vertebrate creatures, which can unconsciously lead to SMA

Somatics can teach you the technique of pandiculation through simple movements so that you have voluntary control over your muscles leading to pain free movement

Somatics can teach you movement skills to maintain fluid movment and provide freedom from within.

Somatics is active not passive. It is your brain that controls your movement therefore the best approach to long term pain relief is to actively improve your sensory motor system

What is Somatic Education?

The Soma is the body experienced from the first person.  We are the only ones who can tell how our bodies feel - what we experience when we move is somatic, no one else knows how it feels to be you.

Somatic Movement  & Clinical Somatic (Hanna Somatic) Education are a means to re-educate the Sensory Motor part of our brains.  All movement starts with a thought and if those messages are not "getting through" this can lead to tightness in muscles, discomfort in moving and eventually pain.  We call this Sensory Motor Amnesia and it can occur involuntarily, unconsciously to us all as a result of our habitual lifestyles.

Through simple natural movments and specific hands on techniques in clinical sessions we can address the causes of SMA.  We use a technique called pandiculation to relearn how to release and control muscles voluntarily. Through these simple movements we teach you how to relax muscles that contribute to your pain.

Somatic Education is the only sensory motor training method that teaches you to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain and gives you strategies to reduce muscle tension and pain in the future.

Somatic Education was developed by Thomas Hanna PhD.  He was the founder of the field of Somatics  and the director of the Novato Institute in California. He has written several books on the subject including "The Body Of Life" and "Somatics- reawakening the  mind's control of movement, flexibility and health"

I completed my Clinical Somatic Qualification in December 2017 and my Somatic Education Coach training in 2014 (Level 1 - March 2014, Level 2 - October 2014) with Martha Peterson  & Laura Gates.