According to the philosophy of Yoga we are made up of five layers(Panca Maya). These are:

  • The physical - the body
  • The energy - the breath
  • The mental  - the mind
  • The personality - our own characteristics
  • The bliss - the emotions

What effects one layer effects all layers.  So if we are suffering with low back pain then this has an impact not only on our physical body but on our energy levels; it also distracts the mind and this can effect our mood.   Equally if we have a stressful job the mind can be overloaded with tasks but this will also manifest in our physical ,energetic and emotional  layers.                                            

I have been teaching since 2000 in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar who advocated the importance of a daily personal practice.  I am a teacher member of the AYS and TSYP.

Yoga is an ancient practise that is as valid today as it ever was.  Working with body, breath and mind allows the student to connect with what is within.  When we truly connect with ourselves we have clarity and freedom from within.  

1:1 Sessions

Sometimes we can't get all we want from our Yoga through a group class or our lifestyle makes it difficult to attend a group class regularly.  We may want to develop certain areas of our practice or we may have a specific need. This is when personal tuition can provide what you require.This is the traditional way that Yoga was taught and is the most effective form of teaching as it honours the individual.

Through a 1:1 session I work with you to design a personal practice to suit your own individual needs that you can practice in your own home.  You are encouraged to practice daily  between sessions to maximise the benefits.  Once you are confident with your personal practice the number of sessions and times are organised around your own requirements. 

Initially you will be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire which covers a range of areas from health to aims.  You will then have a 30 minute assessment to discuss this and for assessment of your posture, movement and breath.  All information given is confidential.  You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing for this session. From this assessment a personal practice is developed for you.

You will be taught your personal practice so you feel confident before you take it home. At subsequent sessions we will review, modify or develop your practice as appropriate. 

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Nelson Mandela

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Yoga is for all

There are many translations of the word Yoga. In his book Heart of Yoga TKV Desikachar gives one meaning as "to attain what was previously unattainable".  Yoga takes us from one place to another, it brings about changes at all layers.  In our practice we work the body, the breath and the mind in a vinyasa (organised sequence) to lead us to a place of stillness.  

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali gives us descriptions of each element of Yoga. He tells us that asana (postures) should have the qualities of shtira and sukha, strength and softness. That our pranayama (breath work) practice should result in our breath being long and subtle, dirgha and suksma. Through our Yoga practice we allow the fluctuating thoughts of the mind to be directed towards a state of calm awareness, yogah citta vrtti nirodhah.

The word asana means to sit.  We always start our practice where we are, connecting with our breath.  Using a mixture of postures to warm and loosen the body, deepening our work as we progress  allowing us to sit at the end of our practice to focus on our breath work, reflection, meditation and relaxation. 

Group classes are a great way to start but if you want to develop your yoga practice further, working specifically to your own individual needs, then a 1:1 session provides you with a personalised practice. Scroll down for further details.

Everyone teaches yoga differently. Try a class before you decide if it's for you

I teach Mixed Ability Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes at Bottesford Village Hall,

NG13 0BG

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Tuesday 3rd March 2020

 YOGA Classes:


 Tuesday 9:30 - 11:00am -mixed ability

Tuesday 11:15- 12:15am - gentle

Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30pm - mixed ability

 I also offer a TEEN YOGA class for details please click

I also  offer 1:1 tuition.

If you are interested in private tuition please contact me.